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NJDCA Winter Termination Program

Beginning on November 15, 2022, the NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA) implemented a Winter Termination Program to prevent service discontinuation for eligible residential customers receiving residential electric, sewer and water service from any local authority, municipal utility, or rural electric cooperative.  The protections provided by the Winter Termination Program run from November 15, 2022 through March 15, 2023.

As part of continued outreach efforts, DCA will be issuing a public notice in the coming days to advise the public about the program: <> .  Eligible customers will also have the option to complete the Self-Certification form and provide this form to their utility company as a way of notifying the company of their eligibility for protection.  Please note that completion and submission of the Self-Certification form to a customer’s utility company is NOT required in order to receive protection under the Winter Termination Program.  The Department will be advising customers to contact their respective utility company’s customer service number to report their eligibility under the Program and to learn how the utility company wishes to receive the Self-Certification form. All customers in arrears should be referred to DCAid <*2F**2Fen-US*2Fare-you-eligible*2F%2F1%2F02000000tihrji4m-2cvujv1f-21of-chnv-62tm-igiqgj0lacg0-000000%2FDHbI5wNnHJpy9gboKFHYnDYarg8=296__;JSUlJSU!!J30X0ZrnC1oQtbA!PPhqko0A9816cbDCg6YJLSqnJy4rApKWSaCTQH2km7x3RK9HHoWk1qdBgD-HXfuK9rVLFdNleI0HllSco0r5ErjbQncfRJ1JvjByYQ$/1/020000008aan58lh-hbvghmj4-3stv-i1tu-u7ju-mle4lbnnmh80-000000/Ess5DhVWBYINigcDaMIW-rFLgyo=300