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ACUA Recycling Update

As part of our responsibility to reduce contamination in the recycling stream, ACUA has implemented a flagging program to inform residents of what can or cannot be recycled. ACUA updated its recycling guidelines last year, but many of the items we still see in recycling bins have never been accepted in our program, such as plastic bags and food waste.

When we continue to accept items like this, it affects the overall contamination rate of recycling loads. Our recycling processor, along with many others throughout the state, have begun rejecting loads with too much contamination.  Although it is a rare occasion, entire loads can be sent to the landfill and be charged as trash. This is not a positive outcome for anyone in our community.

As the Authority invested in maintaining and strengthening recycling in Atlantic County, ACUA is one of the only haulers taking the time to flag items and inform customers of what can and cannot be recycled. We have been working alongside the recycling coordinators in each community to get the word out, but also ask for your support and assistance in informing our communities about proper recycling habits.

We are happy to provide flyers, displays for your City Hall, graphics for social media, and in-person presentations.

In addition, we remind you that we will no longer empty 55-gallon drums or cut barrels for the safety of our collection employees.

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