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Anti-Idling Campaign

Anti Idling Brochure

Dear Member of the Community:

SustainableEHC, Egg Harbor City’s green team, has been working with the city to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and carbon emissions that negatively affect the health of those with asthma, COPD and other lung diseases.

We need the help of the business community to educate the public about the city’s efforts to enforce state anti-idling laws. These laws are not new; they have been on the books for quite some time, but were rarely enforced. However, with the rise in lung diseases, especially among children, we are hoping that the public will agree that “turning off the engine” is one simple thing everyone can do to protect the health and welfare of the community.

The city will soon be installing “No Idling” signage in commercial areas and near city schools, where shoppers often leave their cars running while they run into a store to pick up their order, or parents idle their vehicles waiting to pick up their children from school.

The Egg Harbor City Police be helping us enforce these regulations, but issuing tickets is NOT the goal. Instead, the police will be conducting an educational campaign by passing out educational brochures to those idling in designated “No Idling” zones. These zones include commercial areas on the White Horse Pike and the 100- and 200-blocks of Philadelphia Avenue, and at the Charles L. Spragg School and EHC Community School.

The Board of Education has signed a no idling pledge to reduce carbon emissions in their neighborhoods.

We are asking the business community to also take the no idling pledge by asking your customers to turn of their engines.

Thanks for helping us clear the air.


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