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2/25/14 Zoning Board Minutes

FEBRUARY 25, 2014
7:00 P.M.

The regular meeting of the Egg Harbor City Zoning Board of Adjustment was held on February 25, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. with Chairman Todd Warker presiding. Members in attendance were Regular members Donald Milne, Kristin DeClementi, Michael McKenna, Hurley McCall, John Garth, Alternate #1 Dave Montgomery, Solicitor Richard Carlucci, City Planner Tim Michel, City Engineer Ryan McGowan and Secretary Donna Heffley. Not present were Regular Member Faye Goble, and Alternate #1 Marie Johns.

Roll Call: Mr. McCall yes, Mr. Milne yes, Mrs. DeClementi yes, Mr. McKenna yes, Mrs. Goble no, Mr. Garth yes, Mr. Montgomery yes, Mrs. Johns no, Mr. Warker yes, Mr. Carlucci yes, Mr. Michel yes, Mr. McGowan yes and Secretary Donna Heffley yes.

Chairman Todd Warker called the meeting to order and made the following announcement:

In compliance with the “Open Meeting Act” of the State of New Jersey, adequate notice of this meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the City of Egg Harbor was provided in the following manner:
A. Advance written notice was posted on the Bulletin Board in Egg Harbor City’s Municipal Complex.
B. Advance written notice was mailed to the Egg Harbor News, Hammonton, NJ the Atlantic City Press, NJ, the Atlantic Current, and the Hammonton Gazette.

Chairman Warker stated: “I Direct the Secretary to enter this public announcement into the minutes.”

Approval of Minutes: January 22, 2014
Upon motion made by Mrs. DeClementi, seconded by Mr. McKenna and carried the January 22, 2014 meeting minutes were approved.

Approval of Resolutions: 14-01ZB Richard Stuckel
1100 Duerer Street
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215
Block 534, Lot 11
Use D Variance
Upon motion made by Mr. Milne, seconded by Mrs. DeClementi and carried Resolution 1 of 2014 was approved.
14-02 ZB – Egg Harbor City Station, LLC
600 White Horse Pike
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215
Block 319, Lot 12
Minor Site Plan
Upon motion made by Mr. McKenna, seconded by Mr. McCall and carried Resolution 2 of 2014 was approved.

Old Business – 14-01ZB – Richard Stuckel – Site Plan Wavier
Mr. Michel gave a review of his report dated February 19, 2014. The Applicant received a use variance at last month’s meeting. The resolution stated that the Applicant should submit a site plan. The Applicant has submitted a plan titled Existing Conditions Plan for Zoning Board Application. This is a survey of the premises by Thomas Darcy who is a land surveyor. This plan is dated 2-11-2014 and revised 2-24-14. The revised plan is just being submitted tonight. This plan does not qualify as a site plan; however it could be reviewed for a site plan waiver, which will be done in Tim Michel’s report.

Mr. Michel discussed the parking space requirements and traffic flow and noted a one way traffic flow will be more efficient for the Applicant and will comply with the ordinance. Signage should be used to designate one way traffic patterns.

A wavier will be required for spaces 7, 8, 9 which will be the owner and employee’s parking spaces which will remain unpaved and be either gravel or grass.

Mr. Michel discussed Landscaping and noted the plants shall be low growing in the front of the building and also on the corner of Duerer Street and the Terrace.

Mr. Michel discussed the Sidewalks and noted any proposal for a sidewalk along Duerer Street in front of this property may be impacted by wetlands to the west.

Mr. Michel discussed street trees, architectural design standards and guidelines. Mr. Michel noted the Applicant stated that he purchased new siding to improve the appearance of the building. This is stated in the resolution.

Mr. Michel noted the Applicant submitted the new plan tonight which shows the signs on the property however since it was just submitted tonight, the Professionals have not had time to review the material.

Mr. McGowan reviewed the technical section of his report dated February 23, 2014. Mr. McGowan discussed the need and requirements for an ADA accessible parking space.
Mr. McGowan discussed spaces 7, 8, and 9 which will be restricted from use by patrons.

Mr. McGowan inquired about lighting.
Board Members expressed their concerns.
Mrs. DeClementi noted she has been by this site at night and the site is lite up very well with the existing lights.
Mr. McKenna agreed with Mrs. DeClementi on the lighting.

Mr. McKenna asked how the one way driveway direction will be enforced. Mr. Stuckel noted he could paint an arrow on the pavement to show one way drive through pattern.

Mrs. DeClementi inquired about the shrubs that are being required. Mr. Michel addressed her concerns.
The Applicant noted there are already existing shrubs and in the spring he plants flowers in between the shrubs down the side and across the front of the building.

Mrs. DeClementi expressed her concerns about the signage on the site and noted the signs were not changed and that only the inside of the sign was change.
The Applicant stated the location and size of the sign was the same as what originally received approval and only the inside of the sign had changed.

Mr. Michel wanted the signage noted as existing.

Mr. McGowan and Mr. Michel addressed the fire proof trash enclosure.
Mr. McKenna addressed his concerns about the fire proof trash enclosure.
Mr. Stuckel stated that his trash is not kept outside of the building. Trash and recyclables are stored inside the building and taken outside on ACUA pick up days.
Mr. Michel noted if the trash is being stored inside of the building then this serves as an enclosure and should be noted in the resolution.

The following was noted before a motion:
Waiver of Site Plan
Directional Signage and Stripping on the parking lot should be added.
A Waiver should be granted for three unpaved parking spaces.
A Waiver should be granted for curbs and sidewalks.
A Waiver should be granted for the height of the lighting.
A Waiver should be granted for the outside fire safe trash enclosure.

A motion was made by Mrs. DeClementi, seconded by Mr. McCall
Roll Call: Mr. McCall yes, Mr. Milne yes, Mrs. DeClementi yes, Mr. McKenna yes, Mr. Garth yes, Mr. Montgomery did not participate, Mr. Warker yes.

Mr. Michel noted the Applicant should go to the Building Department and check with the Zoning Official Larry Garlic to insure the Zoning is acceptable.

New Business: Mr. Michel discussed combining the Planning and Zoning Boards.
Mr. Michel discussed the reasons Egg Harbor City may want to consider a merger. He also discussed the responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Boards. This is the same report that was given to City Council and the Planning Board. No final decision was made on combining the two boards. This matter is only in the discussion and thought process. Members expressed their concerns with combining the two boards.

Public Comments: none

Adjournment: Upon motion made by Mr. McKenna, seconded by Mr. Garth and carried the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted
Donna Heffley/Zoning Board Secretary