-Building/Code Enforcement/Land Use Board


Annual Inspection Form for Rental Units

ANNUAL INSPECTION FOR EGG HARBOR CITY RENTAL UNITS In accordance with Egg Harbor City Code 161-2 each rental unit is required to have an annual inspection.  The annual inspection fee is $75 per unit.  Payment is due by June 30.  Payments not received by June 30 of the current year are subject to a late […]

1-17-17 Land Use Board Meeting Minutes

1-17-17 Land Use Board Minutes

Occupancy Transfer Inspection Forms

Rental Unit-Occupancy Transfer Inspection Form Occupancy Transfer Inspection Form

Zoning Permit Application

Download the Application for Zoning Permit

Abandoned & Vacant Property Registration

Abandoned & vacant properties must be registered through Community Champions. Please contact them at: www.cchampions.com Phone (321) 421-6639 Fax (321) 396-7776  

2015 International Property Maintenance Code

Download the 2015-international-property-maintenance-code