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Egg Harbor City Lake Rules

Egg Harbor City Lake Rules


The head lifeguard may require any patron who fails to comply with these rules to leave the Egg Harbor City Lake Park immediately.  Repeat offenders or persons exhibiting aggressive behavior will be banned from the Park for the entire season.

  1. BADGES REQUIRED for all adults and children five years old and older:  badge or wristband MUST BE visible; No Refunds.  NO REPLACEMENTS for lost badges.  Must purchase new badge or daily wristband.


  1. Hours of operation 10AM to 7PM.  Swimming 10:00AM to 6:00PM.  No Swimming When Lifeguard is not on duty


  1. NO Unloading at or near fence


  1. NO Swimming, Picnics, or Fires on North Beach


  1. NO Sitting, Picnicking, Grilling, Swimming, or Camping on Lake Wall or surrounding perimeter of Lake; These activities are LIMITED TO AREAS DESIGNATED BY CITY ORDINANCE


  1. NO Outside Grills Allowed in Lake Park Area, Pavilion (unless paid), or North Beach


7.       Picnic tables must be rented before using; Concession Stand tables (2) are for Concession Stand    customers, only. No outside tables allowed unless renting 2 or more tables – then one small folding table (card table size) will be allowed.


  1. No Dogs; service animals ONLY


  1. Children must be accompanied by adult if under age of 13


  1. Children who are not good swimmers MAY NOT go in the lake past their armpits


  1. Children that are unable to swim MAY NOT be carried out to the dock


  1. NO Diving, Flipping, or Pushing off the dock


  1. NO rafts tubes or any kind of floating devise are allowed at the dock


  1. NO throwing rocks or sand


  1. NO Cursing or Foul Language or Fighting


  1. NO Alcohol or Illegal Drugs


  1. NO feeding the wildlife


  1. Speed Limit 5 MPH.  


  1. NO gasoline powered engines allowed on beach or in lake (supply delivery vehicles excluded)


  1. NO outside vendors are permitted in the Lake or Campground area until after 7:00 PM


  1. ALL vendors must possess a valid mercantile license